To truly benefit from the opportunities of digitalization, businesses are required to establish open and innovative organizations, to define data-guided cross-functional processes and to deploy the right digital products.

Are you ready to improve your business with easy-to-use digital solutions?

With deep experience across our team, coupled with tested and proven digital products, Totuba – apart from offering advisory to you along your digital business transformation – provides real digital solutions that are fitted to your needs, rapidly deployed, without locking your organization into lengthy and costly implementation cycles.

Totuba Digital Solution Framework

Totuba digital solutions are organized along the typical value chains of automotive, industrial goods, consumer goods, retail and life sciences companies. They are designed to activate lean data-guided organizations and to establish seamless business processes from managing strategy to running ultra-efficient supply chains.

Categorically, Totuba digital solutions are slim, cloud-based, easy-to-use, fully scalable and can be rapidly deployed. Our principles for digital solutions are:

  • High ROI – average >480% within a three-year period
  • Quick payback period – average <7.3 months
  • High user adoption rate – through ease-of-use and time saving
  • Rapid deployment – average 2-4 months from concept to cut-over

Our Featured Digital Solutions

Manage a large distributed marketing, sales or service field force seamlessly across distances and devices. Define strategies, set targets and actions, and control their execution in real-time. Offer your field force an easy-to-use mobile tool to manage their own success without wasting time on lengthy reporting tasks. > Click here for more information.

Digital Travel & Expense Management

Integrate all your expense data, so you can effectively control spending wherever and whenever it happens. Easily integrate travel spend, ERP, accounting and payment card data into one system that manages the entire expense process from request to reimbursement. > Click here for more information.

Digital Lean Manufacturing

Bring your lean manufacturing process on to one centralized and seamlessly interconnected digital system and thereby into the 21st century. Manage your Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycles in real-time without loss of speed and information by utilizing an integrated digital solution across all devices.


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