Management and Technology Consulting

We support organizations to identify and realize opportunities for improvement in bottom-line results and top-line performance. We do this in a way that maximizes results in the shortest amount of time.

Totuba consultants are masters in enabling organizations to comprehensively articulate and sustainably achieve their goals. This is achieved by applying the most effective management methods, business processes, and tools. All methods are evaluated and benchmarked so that they can be customized to fit the organization’s specific needs.

Totuba consultants combine decades of real-life industry and consulting experience with a strong background in management training, organizational development, and executive coaching.

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Our management consulting service spectrum includes:

  • Market Competitive Research and Analysis

  • Business Analysis and Model Development

  • Business and Market Strategy Development

  • Market Entry Advisory and Execution

  • Merger & Acquisitions Advisory, Strategy, and Planning

  • Post-Merger Integration

  • Strategy Execution Planning and Realization

  • Business and Process Performance Analysis

  • Procurement Optimization

  • Organization Effectiveness Analysis

  • Organization Development and Cross-functional Alignment

Other service competencies include:

  • Business Foundation (Legal and Finance/Accounting)

  • Risk Analysis and Management

  • Brand Protection

  • Crisis Management, Restructuring, M&A, Divestiture, and Liquidation

  • Fraud Investigation

  • Litigation Management (Business Ventures, Demand & Supply Chain, Human Resources)

  • Interim and Emergency Staffing, Interim Management

Furthermore we support our customers by helping them facilitate:

  • Strategy planning workshops and projects

  • Project/program planning workshops

  • Change management planning workshops,

  • Opportunity analysis workshops

  • Decision analysis workshops


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