About Michael Adick

Mr. Adick has over 22 years of industry and management consulting experience in industrial goods, automotive, energy and life sciences, focusing on leadership, strategy, finance, performance management and business excellence, sales & marketing, organization development and digital business transformation. His most prominent customers include Airbus, BASF, Bauer, Bayer, BMW, Bosch, BP, Daimler, Doehler, First Automotive Works, Ford, Grob, Inditex, Jaguar Land Rover, Lenze, Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation, Siemens, Sievert, Torres, Volkswagen, Wuerth. Living and working in China for over 19 years, Mr. Adick has obtained deep understanding and solid knowledge of the local market while serving his clients in the country and across Asia. Mr. Adick is currently serving as Managing Director Automotive and Industrial Equipment with Accenture in China, led and contributed to a profitable annual sales growth of >63% in fiscal year 2018. Before assuming his current role, Mr. Adick served as Managing Director with a management & technology consulting firm focused on helping enterprises achieve strategic success, effective performance management and business excellence, as Chief Representative with a management consulting firm concentrated on complex project and change management of strategic transformation projects, and as Director with a global management & technology consulting firm highly recognized in the field of advanced business systems development, deployment and global roll-out. Prior to his consulting career Mr. Adick was Head of Strategy with a global leading German industrial and electric engineering enterprise. Mr. Adick holds an MBA obtained from China Europe International Business School in Shanghai/China. He is currently pursuing a PhD Degree in Advanced Managerial Studies at Mendel University, Brno/Czech Republic with the research and thesis title: The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Management Practices. Mr. Adick is fluent in German and English and has advanced skills in Mandarin Chinese.


Much is publicized - and advertised - about the manifold promises of digitalization. As with other innovations over the course of the past decades,  nothing less than a revolution of business opportunities and processes are being announced. On the other side, looms an almost insurmountable number of different digital approaches, tools, organisational structures [...]

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Viel wird berichtet – und beworben – über die vielfältigen Versprechungen der Digitalisierung. Wie mit vielen technischen Neuerungen über die vergangenen Jahrzehnte hinweg, wird nichts weniger als die Revolutionierung von Geschäftsmöglichkeiten und -prozessen in Aussicht gestellt. Demgegenüber steht eine schier unüberwindlich hohe Zahl an verschiedensten Angeboten digitaler Ansätze, Werkzeuge, Organisationsstrukturen und Prozessabläufen. Eine [...]

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Red is OK

Businesses increasingly realize that after strategy inception, implementation becomes the key success factor. It is about aligning the entire organization on critical priorities and focusing management and teams on implementation excellence. This paper summarizes a practical concept to improve strategy implementation within organizations Read More

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TV-Interview on ICS “Money Talks”: Will China Easing of Foreign Investment Application Process Reduce Entry Barriers for Foreign Investments?

15 September 2016 (Interview starts minute 8:40)

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Industry 4.0: Business without people?

View the original on page 33 of the July-Aug edition of the Journal of European Union Chamber of Commerce in China here. According to a German consultancy firm the purpose of Industry 4.0 is to “increase process efficiency”, provide “new ways to create value through new service products and business models”, offer [...]

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IoT, Cloud, Industry 4.0 – Technology Trap 2.0?

Little more than a decade ago Office Automation, Electronic Document Filing, Email, rise of Cell Phones, Automated Workflow and Integration of Office Systems with Administrative Automation became the hot topics of the day – and the sacred words for a new era of Efficiency. While in the 1980-90s businesses and administrations had become paper-heavy, emergence [...]

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Is China ready for Lean?

Travelling around Shanghai and North East China over the past few months, seeing factories of differing industries, one of the questions that I keep on posing to myself is whether China is ready for Lean. The one thing that is clear, whether it is manufacturing, assembly or commercial processes, that too many staff are chasing [...]

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Articulate and BRAINFORCE announce China collaboration

Zurich/Shanghai – Michael Adick and his colleague, Stephen Curtis, are appointed partners of the BRAINFORCE Group to support the work of this internationally operating company. These two leaders have many years’ experience in interim and project management across medium-sized companies and large corporations. As Head of E.X.P.E.R.T. 3-Solutions® China and Head Coach respectively, Michael Adick [...]

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Red is Ok! China’s Economic Slowdown Forces Leaders to Sharpen their Strategy Implementation

(Hier der Link zum Original in deutscher Sprache, wie herausgegeben im Controller Magazine) It has come as no surprise that China's market growth has slowed to a rate of 6.9% p.a. in 2015 – its lowest in 25 years. Some future predictions lead to a further slowdown of less than 2% by 2017, or somewhere [...]

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