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Segmenting, Differentiating, Positioning – Strategic Marketing in China

Undertaking the right efforts in segmenting the market, positioning and differentiating your company’s products and services undoubtedly is important in any global market. However, with its size, regional and even local diversities as well as industry complexities, doing so in China may be even more important to the success of your company in this country, [...]

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Is your Supply Chain up to the task in China – does it support profitable growth?

A global manufacturer in China has a challenge – decades of a relatively good business environment in Europe allowed the company to amass a war chest to finance their business development in China. First setting up their own brand for organic growth – then merger & acquisitions to capture a sizable local market share. The [...]

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Is your organization set up to capture your true potential in China?

One country, one political system, one market, uniform tariffs and transportation system. Addressing the market with a unified product or services portfolio, value proposition, marketing messaging and single sales approach should be a no-brainer – and it reduces internal complexity. 22 provinces, 4 municipalities, 5 autonomous regions, 2 Special Administrative Regions, 660 cities, of which [...]

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Can your managers solve problems and make (the right) decisions confidently for your organization?

It may be a lingering stigma that managers in China are either – depending on your viewpoint – unable to, unwilling to or not enabled to solve problems and make (the right) decisions independently at their organizations. Certainly there may be cultural implications to the way managers from different origins approach problems, such as negativity [...]

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Are you getting the most out of your China Sales Force? – 8 steps to achieve improvement of your Sales Force Effectiveness

Having personally lead sales teams in China since 2000 and having worked with companies across multiple B2B and B2C industries as sales & marketing consultant, trainer and coach, I know that we all share similar concerns about our Sales Force: Are we getting the most out of our China Sales Force? Are our Sales Processes [...]

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Talent Attraction and Retention – Solving the Conundrum of Small- and Medium-Size Enterprises

In our conversations in China we often encounter the same question over and over again, and it is probably the single most issue covered in many Human Resources Professionals events: “How do we attract high profile candidates and how do we effectively retain them?” The prevalence of this question greatly increases within the circle of [...]

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To Do Strategy Or To Not To

A Pledge for Actual Implementation and Execution of Business Strategy                      Have you – as you and your leadership team are currently defining your business strategy for 2014 – thought yourself, or heard your peers or subordinates say: “Most of the strategic actions we are agreeing [...]

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